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GTA 72/49 Cold Rolled Cast in Channel


Product introduction

Cast-in channels /anchor channel/Halfen channel  is newly high-end building material, It is for easy installation, adjustable connection. A full foam filler protect against the concrete into the channel. 

Cast in channel can be widely used in, tunnel, subway, bridge, airport, nuclear power station, environment project, facade, stadium, opera house and so on.

With advanced Swiss cold riveting technique,to ensure loading capacity reliable and endurable. We offer high quality cast in channel, both hot-rolled & cold rolled, plus our semi-automatic production of hot-forged T-bolts, a complete range of cast in channel system can be provided.

Allowable loads

   GTA 72/49 has hook lips. The allowable single bolt loads from 25 to 32kN.


High loading capacity and shearing force

Easy adjustment and installation, high efficiency to save cost

Noise-free, no drilling holes, no powder, environmental protection

Used to vertical and horizontal installation

High corrosion prevention, adopting hot dipped galvanizing surface and stainless steel surface 


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