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May 2019 Changchun Metro Project (cast in channel type is GXA 30/20 )

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Congratulations , on May 2nd , 2019 ,GEODA have got the CHANG CHUN METRO LINE 2 project from domestic sales agent , the cast in channel type is GXA 30/20

Three functions of the tunnel tunnel embedded parts

The operation of the subway has led to the construction of one after another tunnels. In order to ensure that the tunnel is not damaged by the fatigue vibration of the 

contact network, the fine installation requirements of the high-speed contact network are met, and the high-speed railway tunnel slot embedded parts are used in the contact network hooks in the tunnel. Technical solutions,

The high-speed railway network special line design speed of 350 km, reserve speed space. Wind speeds of 49 m/s should be considered when the train reaches a speed of 350 km/h.

The tension and shear force at each bolt are calculated in the tunnel according to the wind speed of 49 m/s. It is determined that the contact network is based on the high-speed 

rail tunnel type embedded parts. Load requirements, safety performance requirements and installation requirements are determined.

There are three main advantages of the subway tunnel trough embedded parts.

1) The pre-embedding of the tunnel type of the subway tunnel is conducive to forming a reinforced integral linear structure in the lining surface layer, which is not a single point of force but a uniform force.

2) Ensure that the force and vibration of the contact net do not damage the integrity of the tunnel lining, and at the same time achieve the fine installation standard of the high-speed contact net, 

and also meet the strength requirements of the train wind power to the installation equipment and the buried foundation in the tunnel.

3) The tunnel type embedded parts of the subway tunnel are closely attached to the lining trolley. After the mold is removed, it is flush with the lining surface, and the appearance is round and beautiful. The post-delivery effect is good.

Three advantages indicate that the use of tunnel slotted embedded parts in subway tunnels is a very effective way. This time, we will cooperate with Changchun Metro Merchants to contribute 

to the national infrastructure and make a satisfactory answer for road traffic.

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