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GEODA Channel systems

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After attending the QATAR exhibition, GEODA obtained the QATAR MESAIMEER ROAD project through the efforts of our own sales team, the cast in channel type is GTA stainless steel 28/15.

Channel systems are used for cladding onto non-load bearing walls or when high projection sizes. By using unistrut channel 41-41 or 41-21, plates, adjustable arms made of threaded rod and restraint brackets. Channels are attached by adjustable height bracket to the structure (concrete wall, concrete beam or steel beam).
Unistrut channel 41-41
The profiles eliminate the risk of slipping and allow three dimensional loads. They are suitable for any king of structure used in natural stones cladding or heavy concrete panels. Also available: Stainless steel Bolt. The advantages of Channel systems are variable size and adaptability to any project.GEODA provides various cast in channel types, if you need, please contact us.

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