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GEODA and Singapore customers reached an order cooperation

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Not long ago, a Singapore customer visited our GEODA factory. They were satisfied with the quality and management of our support rods and immediately placed the order with us.

Unistrut is a building material. It is the most famous and widely used brand of this material. The Unistrut name is often used to refer to all strut channels. GEODA also launched Concrete Insert Unistrut Channel and Back To Back Unistrut Channel.

Functionally, the support rod channel is a series of threaded rods and metal channels used to form a ceiling-mounted support structure for everything from lighting to fuel injectors to overhead system components.

Concrete Insert Unistrut Channel

Concrete Insert Unistrut Channel

We often compare Unistrut with the harp combination we played as a kid. The core of the Unistrut frame system (metal frame channel) allows the accessories to be positioned infinitely along the entire pillar without welding or drilling. Fifteen channel sizes and hundreds of accessories provide solutions for almost countless projects. Since all connections are made using bolts and slotted nuts, Unistrut can also be reused. Unlimited adjustability and reusability make Unistrut an attractive choice for many different industries and applications, including:

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