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Geoda participates in China Changchun subway project

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During the four years of the construction of Metro Line 2 in China's Changchun Metro Line 2, more than 10,000 builders from all parts of the country have been working 24 hours a day in all bidding sections, speeding up their pace. Everything is only one goal-to ensure that the rail transit line 2 is open to traffic as scheduled. Geoda also provided subway channel pouring for Changchun subway construction.

Congratulations , on May 2nd , 2018 ,GEODA have got the CHANG CHUN METRO LINE 2 project from domestic sales agent , the cast in channel type is GXA 30/20

Cast-in channels is newly high-end building material, it is for easy installation, adjustable connection. A full foam filler protect against the concrete into the channel. Cast in channel can be widely used in, tunnel, subway and so on.Geoda adopt advanced Swiss cold riveting technique, to ensure loading capacity reliable and endurable. We offer high quality cast in channel, both hot-rolled & cold rolled, plus our semi-automatic production of hot-forged T-bolts, a complete range of cast in channel system can be provided.
Changchun subway project
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