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Wuhan Optical Park Science Park Project in May 2018

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Optics Valley China Science and Technology Park is located in Wuhan. Relying on the resource endowment of mountains and lakes, the overall design adheres to the planning concept of “environmental integration into the city and environment into life”. The spatial pattern of "four islands, two rings, north-south nuclear" has initially created a new lakeside ecological city that takes water as a living, mountains as its soul, and new service industries as its support.


Behind this ecological new city is also the figure of GEODA Metal Industries Co., Ltd., our company provides technical support and products to the science and technology park, such as: Achor channel 28/15, cold-rolled 28/15 channel, Halfen 28 / 15 channel, curtain wall channel, to build a preliminary lakeside ecological new city together with all walks of life.

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