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UniStrut application-medical imaging equipment installation

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If you are installing a medical imaging device and the device has any ceiling mounted components, you may see the word "Unistrut" somewhere in your project plan. In either case, you will need it.

Why do you need it?

Any component of the medical imaging device suspended from the ceiling must have an appropriate structure to accommodate its weight. If there is no proper structure, the suspended equipment may suffer the risk of serious damage, even in the event of a fall or collapse. This may include something as small as the ceiling-mounted sampler, or something as large as the "C" of the ceiling-mounted catheter laboratory.

Where do I put Unistrut?

The direction in which the poles are placed will be included in the site-specific drawings created for the equipment. These instructions will include the exact location, the number of pieces required, the distance between Unistrut pieces, and the horizontal direction required at a certain distance.

What level does Unistrut need to achieve?

Some overhead equipment (such as ceiling-mounted catheter laboratories) is very heavy and requires precision for a variety of reasons. These include the gap from the floor to the system over the entire range of motion, the interaction of the suspension components with the fixed components below, etc.

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