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Cast in channel manufacture and storage

Subway cast in channel is a pre-installed part in a concealed project, which can play a stable role in the external project. The subway cast in channel is mostly made of metal, with steel plates and anchoring ribs in the structure.

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Halfen cast-in channel purchase-choose Geoda

Halfen cast-in channel is a standard fixing part that is easy to install and can be adjusted. Halfen cast-in channel uses hammer bolts or toothed bolts, cast-in channel, and matching nuts, washers and other accessories.

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Precautions for cast in channel

Geoda launched a variety of fixing, supporting, Halfen channel and suspension systems for the curtain wall and tunnel prefabrication industry. But what are the points that we need to pay attention to in the embedded Hafen slot?

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Metro cast-in channel

Geoda launched subway cast-in channel is a pre-installed part in concealed engineering, which can play a role in stabilizing external engineering. Most of the subway embedded channels are made of metal, and steel plates are first left in the structure.And anchor bars, which can be used to connect structural members. In this way, it can be used as a connection piece for subsequent fixed use.

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