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Five simple steps to connect you to unistrut

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GEODA is a professional supplier of Stainless steel back to back unistrut channel, let you simply understand the installation and connection of UNISTRUT.

UniStrut Channel

Five steps to connect Steel Concrete Insert UniStrut Channel

1. Remove the channel and insert the nut into any position along the continuously slotted channel. The rounded nut end makes it easy to insert the channel. The nut in the picture has a spring, but any Unistrut nut can be used.
2. Rotate the nut 90 degrees clockwise, and then align the groove in the nut with the inner edge of the channel.
3. Place the accessory on the nut, and then insert the bolt through the accessory and insert it into the nut. This will secure the nuts and accessories in place.
4. Now, you can follow steps 1-3 to bolt other channel parts to the connected accessories.
5. If you do not need to make any adjustments, please tighten the net cover with a wrench. This locks the serrated teeth of the nut in the inversion edge of the nut and forms a firm, vise-like connection.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, GEODA looks forward to your arrival.

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