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GEODA participates in the Ningbo Museum project

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GEODA have got NINGBO MUSEUM project by our own sales team, the cast in channel type is GTA 40/22. Made in china cast-in channel, GEODA is committed to cast-in channel, has many years of production experience, and the product quality is trustworthy.

Precast concrete is poured into the channel and has high durability. Hot rolling can improve production efficiency and rolling speed, and realize the continuity and automation of the rolling process; hot rolling can reduce energy consumption and cost; hot rolled metal High plasticity and low deformation resistance; can improve metal processing performance and eliminate casting defects.

According to GEODA's previous work experience, we can conduct professional evaluation and screening before. We provide you with a quotation, which can find you the Anchoring channel system solution that is most suitable for you, and the price meets your requirements.

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