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GEODA passed the Malaysian customer evaluation and reached project cooperation

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GEODA has been devoted to the research of Cast-in channel system. GEODA is a supplier of China manufacture cast-in channel. The research on Anchoring channel system is continuously deepening. GEODA has manufactured and produced various types of Cast in steel channel.

Cast-in channel

Cast-in channel

The CAST-IN channel is easy to install and provides adjustable fixing for precast concrete components and concrete external walls.

The anchor channel can be made of stainless steel or hot dip galvanized. The most common parts are 28/15, 38/17, 40/25, 49/30, 72/48; some series use cold rolling and hot rolling, with lengths ranging from 100mm to 6m. Also available: hammer head bolts with different grades, sizes, materials and surface treatments.

Our Malaysian customers visited us to study our production capacity to determine whether they can become reliable suppliers in further projects. Finally, we passed their evaluation and provided them with three types of Cast-in channel system samples for the project to use. Customers obtain samples to achieve a win-win situation.

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