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Halfen cast-in channel purchase-choose Geoda

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Halfen cast-in channel is a standard fixing part that is easy to install and can be adjusted. Halfen cast-in channel uses hammer bolts or toothed bolts, cast-in channel, and matching nuts, washers and other accessories. Cast-in channel can be used to fix many structural components.

cast in channel manufacture

Halfen cast-in channel is a very common pre-embedded device in construction. At the time of installation, cast-in channel is supplied. The C-slot structure is buried in the concrete first, and then the T-bolt is installed. Enter the C-shaped groove, and finally strengthen and fix the center to be installed with a T-bolt.

The weight of the Halfen cast-in channel is reliable, the channel is embedded, and it has high bearing capacity; no noise and dust will be generated during the installation process; it can be used in static and dynamic at the same time; it has excellent anti-corrosion performance and is made of stainless steel or hot-dip galvanized Made of steel. Halfen cast-in channel has become one of the indispensable products of modern industry.

It is composed of a C-shaped channel steel and two or more channels with anchors on the reverse side. It is made of hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel. The channel steel uses foam filler or strip filler to effectively prevent impurities such as concrete. Into the channel steel. The channel is pre-buried in concrete, and the surface is as high as the concrete. HALFEN embedded parts are fasteners for many large-scale engineering projects. Geoda is a cast-in channel supplier, specializing in providing all kinds of Hafen grooves, welcome to buy!

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