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How to choose cast-in channel?

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Cast-in channel is an embedded part developed by GEODA. It is a C-shaped channel steel (with anti-skid tooth grooves) produced by a temperature-controlled rolling hot rolling forming process and anchor bars arranged on the back of the channel steel (also known as: Rivets) composition. It can be used as an ideal adjustable solution for bearing anchor points on cast-in-place, precast concrete components.
Cast-in channel
So, what are the advantages of geoda cast-in channel?
1. Really embedded
2. Forced completely
3. No noise and dust during installation
4. The installed T-bolt can be moved to a reasonable position
5. Environmentally friendly sealing strips and end plugs to ensure no slurry leakage during the embedding process
6. Unity of T-bolts
7. No damage to concrete reinforcement
8. Installation in concrete tensile and compression areas
9. As a refractory structural element
10. The anchor point can be adjusted by T-bolt
11. T-bolt connection without welding
12. Prefabrication of components to reduce construction time
Get supporting from China AVIC NEW MATERIAL institute, GEODA cast in channel and strut channel surface are using VCI ZINC-Aluminium coating, this technology has stable performance, energy –conservation, and reliable quality. It is a technology innovation for GEODA

GEODA R&D department developed new technology for back to back strut channel it can save cost and have high-efficiency output, through the third party LAB test, gain the acceptance from customer, now GEODA is promoting this technology to market actively

Geoda has been devoted to the cast-in channel supply for many years. The cast-in channel is subjected to overall stress and uniform stress. It can withstand dynamic fatigue loads. The load change at high temperature is small and the fire resistance level is high. Installation accuracy, it is widely used in subway tunnels in many foreign countries and regions.

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