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Israel curtain wall project

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GEODA have got one Israel curtain wall project by our own sales team, the cast in channel type is GTA 38/23. GXA 38/23 Serrated Hot Rolled Cast in Channel uses toothed anchor channel, hot rolling technology, and highly anti-corrosion.

In the Israeli curtain wall project, the curtain wall is the outer wall of the building.

 curtain wall

It is not load-bearing and hangs up like a curtain. Therefore, it is also called "curtain wall". It is a lightweight wall with decorative effects commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings. It is composed of a panel and a supporting structure system, which can have a certain displacement capacity relative to the main structure or a certain deformability, and does not bear the role of the main structure of the building envelope or decorative structure.

GEODA is committed to becoming a leading manufacturer of high-quality prefabricated metal products in the curtain wall production line, providing a wide range of fixing, support and suspension systems for the curtain wall and tunnel prefabrication industry.

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