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Metro cast-in channel

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Geoda launched subway cast-in channel is a pre-installed part in concealed engineering, which can play a role in stabilizing external engineering. Most of the subway embedded channels are made of metal, and steel plates are first left in the structure. And anchor bars, which can be used to connect structural members. In this way, it can be used as a connection piece for subsequent fixed use. Generally, the embedded channel of the subway needs to use the embedded part. The relevant processing needs to be carried out according to the drawing first, and then the positioning of the measurement and the setting of the bracket are used.

After careful analysis of the Metro cast-in channel, it was found that the bracket on the formwork bracket is actually not strong, and the cast concrete form is easy to deform, resulting in the sinking of the embedded components and causing deviations, so it is necessary to organize woodworking techniques Explain that it is necessary to pick a plate-type formwork support system and implement reinforcement, such a formwork is not prone to large deformation.

Quality characteristics of Metro cast-in channel: high carrying capacity, easy to adjust; no noise, dustproof installation, officially certified, can be used for static and dynamic loads, good corrosion resistance, stainless steel or galvanized steel materials.

These characteristics of Metro cast-in channel make channel quality an indispensable product for all designers and users. An empty rod made of aluminum alloy or other metal is used as a skeleton. When the glass is closed, the enclosure structure is closed.

Generally speaking, subway cast-in channel is very practical. So what are the benefits of this product? First choose from the type of this type of product. If this product is used, generally the use of subway cast-in channel needs to have a certain wear resistance, sufficient hardness, etc., so choose this When it comes to class products, everyone can consider this first.
Secondly, we can look at the advantages of subway cast-in channel in terms of materials? Generally speaking, our common material is stainless steel. You can choose according to your actual needs and price factors. In addition, there are now other products of other materials, which can make you have a richer choice, and also Can be more free on the budget and bring a better user experience.

subway cast-in channel

subway cast-in channel

Geoda is committed to Cast-in channel supply. As a Cast-in channel system manufacturer, the company specializes in the production and processing of embedded channels and curtain wall embedded parts. The supporting T-bolts are also the company's main products. Can also be customized according to customer requirements. The products are mainly used in urban subways, pipe corridors, curtain walls, tunnels, bridges, electric power and other projects. The embedded grooves have the characteristics of low cost, long life, convenient construction and maintenance, and the products are sold to many countries overseas.

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