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Precautions for cast in channel

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Geoda launched a variety of fixing, supporting, Halfen channel and suspension systems for the curtain wall and tunnel prefabrication industry. But what are the points that we need to pay attention to in the embedded Hafen slot?

1. The pre-buried Hafen trough can save the internal space of the pipe corridor. It is cast into the wall of the pipe corridor and does not occupy the internal space of the pipe corridor, so that more space can be freed up for other brackets, pipes and lines. .
2. The Hafen slot is integrated with the pipe corridor after being embedded, so the installation will be more firm, the installation strength is greater, and the greater weight will not deform or pull out the embedded slot.
3. There are also embedded iron plates, which can only be welded with exposed columns in the later pipe corridor, which will occupy a certain amount of space inside the pipe corridor, but for pipe corridors without Hafen grooves embedded in advance Is also a way.
4. If there is no pre-embedded Hafen slot or pre-embedded iron plate inside the pipe gallery in the early stage, then the method of mechanical bolts + exposed columns can only be used, which is slightly worse in space utilization and strength, but it is also possible Satisfying the use.

The role of embedded channels

1. The pre-buried channel is beneficial to form an overall linear structure in the surface layer of the lining, not a single point stress, but a uniform stress.
2. Ensure that the stress and vibration of the catenary does not damage the integrity of the tunnel lining, and at the same time, it can meet the strength requirements of the high-speed train wind power on the installation equipment and embedded foundation in the tunnel, and can also meet the high-speed catenary fine installation standard.

As a half anchor anchor manufacturer, Geoda can provide multiple Anchoring channel system solutions for Tunnel cast-in channel business.

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