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GEODA joins Wuxi Guojin Financial Center construction project

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GEODA have got WUXI GUOJIN FINANCIAL CENTER building project by our own sales team, the cast in channel type is GTA 52/34.

GTA 52/34 Stainless Steel Cast in Channel

GEODA launches stainless steel channel castings, cast in channel is a new type of building material, provides hot-rolled and cold-rolled casting channels, and provides high-quality stainless steel embedded channels according to customized sizes. Its advantages include:

♦ Moisture proof

♦ Anti-corrosion

♦ High strength. The strength is sufficient to withstand the short circuit. No additional hardware is required to provide strength and rigidity.

♦ Energy saving, light weight and wide size range.

♦ Good heat dissipation

♦ Low cost, special model, convenient installation and ventilation.

♦ Flexible, convenient and fast installation. The design allows cables to enter and exit at any location.

♦ Various hardware accessories can be used for repair, support and installation.

♦ Safe smooth edge design can protect the cable

♦ Easy to check and clean the circuit, easy to maintain.

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