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Cast in channel manufacture and storage

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Subway cast in channel is a pre-installed part in a concealed project, which can play a stable role in the external project. The subway cast in channel is mostly made of metal, with steel plates and anchoring ribs in the structure. This can be used to connect structural members. This can be used as a connecting piece for subsequent fixed use. Subway cast in channel generally requires the use of cast in channel to perform related processing according to the drawings, and then perform measurement positioning and bracket setting.

The use of subway cast in channel is becoming more widespread, and the production requirements for the channel are gradually increasing. Let’s learn about the cast in channel manufacture process today.
1. Select the steel that meets the requirements as the base material for the production of the embedded channel tank part
2. The steel is made into the body part of the embedded channel through hot rolling technology
3. Cut the channel steel to form the required length of the embedded channel
4. Choose I-beam or studs as anchor bars for embedded channels
5. Weld the anchor bar to the channel steel of the embedded channel
6. Surface treatment of embedded channels
7. Hot-dip galvanizing the embedded channel
8. Arrange and package the embedded channels to form products

What are the requirements for the storage of cast in channel

1. After the finished product is transported to the site, please try to store it indoors.
2. When storing on the indoor floor, a layer of waterproof film should be laid on the ground, and two rows of dry wooden strips should be placed on the film. The channels need to be stacked on the wooden strips; the channels of different models should be stacked separately. So as not to affect the access during construction; dry wood strips should be used between each layer of the undisassembled whole bundle of embedded channels.
3. If you have to place it outdoors due to site constraints, the storage method is the same as indoors, but the surface must be covered with a waterproof layer, such as tarpaulin, to prevent the channel from corroding due to weather.
4. The stacking height of the trough should be strictly controlled, the highest should not exceed 1.0m (3 bundles), and there should be anti-overturning measures and warning signs to prevent the trough from sliding and hurting people; it is strictly forbidden to step on the stacked trough.

subway cast in channel

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