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Give three points in underground pre-buried channel

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The underground operation safety guarantee is very important. The role of the subway tunnel pre-buried channel is particularly important, because many pipe networks and lines will be suspended above the pre-embedded trough, so there are many places to pay attention to during the installation of the subway tunnel pre-buried channel. .
Give three points for your reference:

Before the first pre-buried tunnel of the subway tunnel is pre-buried, the mileage position, channel model and design drawings of the pre-buried channel on the second lining trolley must be carefully checked.
If there is a conflict between the construction joint and the widening of the lower anchor hole side and the design position of the channel, it is necessary to contact the design in time and not to construct it without authorization.

The second point T-bolt must match the channel. When the anchor bolt of the pre-buried channel of the subway tunnel conflicts with the second lining steel bar, it is not allowed to cut the anchor nail, and the spacing of the second lining steel bar needs to be partially adjusted to solve the problem;
The filling in the channel shall be removed by the contact net construction unit and shall not be removed at will during construction.

The third point is the key to the construction and installation. The two channels are welded together and then poured into the concrete. The deflection in the direction of the line only allows the deflection error to occur at the same time.
It is not allowed to open the two channels to each side, and the positioning error between the channel groups (suspended column span and additional wires) is 100mm. The location of the embedded tunnel of the subway tunnel embedded in concrete meets the design requirements.
The allowable deviation is no more than 5mm. Because small errors can have a big impact.

The construction of the subway pre-buried tank only requires the construction personnel to rigorously and repeatedly check the technical parameters of the pre-buried channel to ensure the stability and safety of the project, and to ensure the quality of the pre-embedded trough is guaranteed.

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Cast in channel type is GXA 30/20 , tunnel slot embedded,
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