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Introduction and function of the use of Halfen cast-in channel

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The Hafen trough is a pre-embedded part for construction, the pre-embedded device, the selection of the Hafen trough is mostly steel plate, and the steel plate and the steel bar are connected vertically.

T-shaped, first buried the C-shaped groove in the concrete, and then the big end of the T-bolt into the C-type

In the tank, the components to be installed are then fixed with T-bolts. The Hafen trough embedded part is a member with a steel plate and an anchoring rib in the structure, and the structural member or the non-structural member is connected to serve the purpose of fixing.

There are a wide variety of Hafen embedded parts. For the HTC-4 type internal shock-proof cogging, the use of foam filler or strip filler prevents concrete from entering the channel.

All components can be fixed with Hafen channel steel. The Hafen groove is balanced and easy to install and easy to adjust. The good quality of the Hafen trough is the key. If the quality of the Hafen trough is not up to standard, the economic loss and impact will be huge.

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