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Embedded channel installation

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1. Inspection of embedded channels
Before embedding, it should be checked whether the variety, specifications and quantity of the embedded channels are in accordance with the engineering design requirements and have a certificate of conformity. And according to the process requirements, spot check the dimensions of the embedded channel and the quality of the weld. Welding should be firm, the weld should be full, without cracks, slag inclusions, air bubbles and other defects. The groove-shaped embedded channel should check whether the foam strips in the groove are filled well. And configure according to the variety, specifications and quantity of embedded channels required by the floor.
2. Positioning and fixing of embedded channels (key process, quality control points)
(1) According to the grid size of the shear wall, bury according to the location, variety and quantity requirements of the pre-buried channel point layout of the project.
(2) The margin of the embedded channel from the wall member shall be determined according to the design requirements.
(3) The positioning deviation of the embedded channel should meet the following requirements: the elevation deviation is not greater than 10.0mm, the deviation between the axis and the curtain wall axis is not greater than 10.0mm, and the left and right deviation is not greater than 20.0mm.
(4) After checking the location of the embedded channel, the inspector should check and record.
(5) After positioning the embedded channel, weld the anchor bar on the embedded channel to the reinforcement of the main structure firmly. After positioning, the surface of the embedded channel and the surface of the template should be closely attached.
3. Fixed welding of embedded channels
The fixed anchor bolts are firmly connected to the back of the U-shaped groove, and the spacing between the anchor bolts is exactly the same as the spacing of the lateral reinforcement of the civil construction, ensuring that each anchor bolt can be placed close to the reinforcement. After ensuring the verticality of the embedded channel, the anchor bolt is welded to the steel bar, so as to ensure that the embedded bracket does not move.
4. Concrete pouring
After the pre-buried channel is buried, pay attention to protect the pre-buried channel when pouring and pounding concrete. The vibrating rod of concrete construction should extend the vibrating time around the embedded channel. The concrete around the embedded channel must be poured and compacted to avoid the phenomenon of slurry leakage and hollowing, which affects the embedded quality of the embedded channel. When pouring and tamping concrete, pay attention to prevent the displacement of the embedded channel from separating from the formwork.
5. Cleaning of embedded channels after demoulding
Clean the concrete adhering to the outer surface of the embedded channel to expose its surface.
6. Inspection of embedded channels
In the process of staking out the projectile, the inspection of the location of the embedded channel and the structural inspection are carried out one after another, and the location and structure of the embedded channel are checked according to an axis as the starting point of the inspection, and the test results are recorded.

The pre-buried works of pre-buried channels should be carried out simultaneously with civil construction, and cooperate with each other to cooperate with the finished product protection work; the pre-buried channels of integrated pipe corridors should be properly stored to prevent the loss of the channel, and the loss of cover plates and packaging damage should not occur; If the end cover of the embedded channel of the integrated pipe corridor and the protective film are damaged, it must be repaired before the mold is closed.

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