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cast-in channel industry standard

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cast-in channel industry standard

In china , the cast in channel are implemented the standard :

cast-in channel Exterior
The surface of the cast-in channel should be smooth, smooth, crack-free, burr-free, and the surface of the joint between the channel and the anchor should meet:
A) Welded cast-in channel solder joint should be full, no defects such as soldering, undercut, arc scratch
B) Cast cast-in channel should have no defects such as shrinkage, slag inclusion, blisters and pores visible to the naked eye.
C) mechanical snap-in cast-in channel due to no looseness, shedding, curling, etc.

The surface of the T-bolt shall be flat, without this side, without cracks, and the oblique side of the T-bolt pair of the beveled edge shall be closely fitted with the 

oblique side of the steel groove, and the end of the bolt rod of the T-shaped bolt pair shall be processed to position the groove.

cast-in channel Plating

In addition to the stainless steel cast-in channel, the surface anti-corrosion treatment of the cast-in channel should be carried out by hot-dip galvanizing process or 

other anti-corrosion process with corrosion resistance not lower than hot-dip galvanizing. When using the thermal intrusion galvanizing process, the coating shall comply with:

A) The appearance and thickness of the plating of the cast-in channel shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB/T13912, and the appearance and

 thickness of the coating of the T-bolt pair shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB/T5267.3;

B) The corrosion resistance of cast-in channel coating should be tested by neutral salt spray. Red rust should not appear in the cast-in channel 

coating for 480h, and red rust should not appear in the T-bolt sub-coating for 240h.

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