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The installation channel system are implemented the standard

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The channel system is suitable for the supply and installation of electro mechanical pipelines throughout the basement. In addition to factory self-inspection, 
each component produced by the anti-vibration channel (including channel steel, connecting parts, spring nut) is sampled to ensure structural safety.

Equipment and pipelines using channel system

Air conditioning unit fan with gravity greater than 1.8KN
Air duct with a rectangular cross-sectional area of 0.38 m2 or more and a circular diameter of 0.7 m or more
Smoke exhaust duct, accident ventilation duct and related equipment
Indoor water supply, hot water and fire pipes with a defense level greater than or equal to DN65

For the water supply of high-rise buildings in the 8° and 9° areas, when the linear length of the drainage riser is greater than 50m, anti-seismic measures 

should be adopted. When the linear length is greater than 100m, anti-seismic measures should be taken.

Electrical piping with an inner diameter of not less than 60 mm and a cable ladder with a gravity of not less than 150 N/m, a cable duct box, and a busway.
channel system

The anti-vibration channel should be reliably connected with the structural body. According to the seismic fortification intensity of the project location, the 

seismic force is the main load, which consists of anchors, reinforcement booms, seismic connection members and seismic bracing.

All components that make up the seismic mount should be finished components, and the construction of the link fasteners should be easy to install. 

The seismic support of the pipeline shall not limit the displacement caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline, and its design shall meet the relevant regulations.

The newly constructed rigid material cable ladder frame, the cable tray and the cable tray box have a lateral maximum spacing of 12M and a longitudinal maximum spacing of 24m.
The maximum lateral spacing of the seismic support hangers for non-metallic cable ladders, cable trays and cable trays for new construction is 6m, and the maximum longitudinal spacing is 12m.

The maximum design spacing of the lateral seismic support of rigid pipelines in new construction is 12 meters, the maximum design spacing of longitudinal seismic 

upport is 24 meters; the above parameters of flexible pipelines are halved; the above parameters of pipelines for reconstruction and expansion are halved.

The maximum design spacing of the lateral rigid seismic support of the new rigid rigid duct is 9 meters, and the maximum design spacing of the longitudinal seismic 

support is 18 meters; the above parameters of the flexible duct are halved; the above parameters of the reconstruction and expansion pipeline are halved.

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