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Prevent corrosion of precast channel of curtain walls

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As one of the building materials used in the construction industry, how to effectively prevent the corrosion of the embedded parts of the curtain wall? 

The embedded part is placed in the curtain wall, and the corner code is used as a connecting piece between the surface layer of the curtain wall and the embedded part.

When using, the embedded parts are installed in the corner code of the outer wall of the curtain wall. The corner code of the curtain wall is determined according 

to the size of the embedded parts. The surface of the Hafen groove is made of anti-corrosion paint to reduce the corrosion of the embedded parts in the surrounding environment.

After the embedded parts are corroded, the curtain wall block can be knocked down and the embedded parts can be reinstalled, thus avoiding the situation that 

the structure of the structure is affected by the corrosion of the embedded parts, and also solving the difficult replacement of the embedded parts in the past. difficult.

GEODA Metal Industries committed to become a leading manufacturer of high quality pre-cast metal products in the line of curtain-wall
And tunnel construction industry.

On October 22nd , 2018 , GEODA has got the CHENGDU TIANFU international airport project from domestic sales agent , the cast in channel type is GXA 38/23 .

It can be seen that our cast in channel has been recognized and cooperated by airport construction customers, and the quality of our cast in channel has been 

confirmed. GEODA provides a comprehensive range of fixing, supporting and suspending systems to the curtain-wall and tunnel pre-cast industry.

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