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Cast in channel supplier-Cast-in channel problem is easily solved

As a professional Cast in channel supplier, geoda is committed to solving the problems of curtain wall, Cast-in channel system and anchor system for customers.

Cast in channel customized

GEODA helped SHANGHAI trading company  customized  stainaless steel cast in channel type 49/30 , and delivered by airfreight to GERMANY.

Complete an order in three days
Only using three days GEODA help QATAR customer to produce the stainless steel strut channel 41*41 ,3000PCS . and delivered by airfreight .Gain acceptance from customer.

Rush to make Italian orders
In china , July is hot weather, but  GEODA  company still run up for producing ITALY customer urgent order , cast in channel type 40/25.
cast in channel type
Hebei Xiong'an New District Electric Power Project
GEODA have got the HEBEI XIONGAN  new district electric power project from domestic sales agent , the cast in channel type is GXA 30/20.

It is the leading anchor channel dealer in China. Its product range has been expanded to all kinds of steel. It has been manufactured through OEM and authorized technology. Upgrade, based on the solutions proposed by our experienced engineers, we can meet all customer needs for products.

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